Walk Out

It was just about two weeks ago when a friend was staying at my Apartment here on the Island of Guam. She is a close and dear friend. One morning she wanted to go for a walk in the neighborhood just for exercise. So it was probably around 6:00 in the morning that she started out to walk. It is just beginning to be daylight here, but there are plenty of people up and lots of cars driving by. She decided to get off the main road and take a side road into what is a safe neighborhood. As she was walking through the neighborhood there were a few dogs here and there, but all safely locked inside the fence of the yards they belonged in. But not all owners were considerate enough as there was a yard with the gate unlocked and a vicious little dog that began to bark at my friend and chase after her. She was unable to avoid him and he grabbed on to her leg and bite her. As soon as she realized he was a mean little critter she chased after him until he went back to his house. But not before he had done damage to my friends leg. That dog left two deep puncture wounds in the calf of her leg.

When she got back to the Apartment, there was blood running down her leg and a wild look in her eyes. Immediately she washed out the wound and applied hydrogen peroxide and neosporin, She continued to change her bandage and reclean and reapply peroxide every hour throughout the day. Fortunately, the wound healed up within a few days. She didn’t have any infection but after the wound healed there is still a pain in her calf that has not gone away. We wanted to go and let the owner know what had happened, but we did not because of the feeling we get from some that live here. There are areas here where no one really worries about there dogs running loose and the possibility of someone being bitten. And worse still there are those that have dogs for the purpose of keeping you away from the house.

We learned a lesson that day to stay on the main roads and now any time I go out I take an umbrella or something to protect myself from the neighborhood menances. I love dogs for the most part, but they need to be looked after in a manner that will keep an innocent person safe. When we feel like it is not safe to walk in a nice neighborhood than really the county or city needs to enforce the rules that have been passed to protect innocent people.

I’m glad my friend was able to heal okay and that the pain in her calf is getting better each day. It took a lot more time to heal than we expected though. Anyhow, it was a lesson learned and I now I warn anyone that is visiting to stay on the main road a carry a big stick.